Osian – The spiritual city of temples and religious harmony

My Visit to Temples of Osian :-

My visit moved to Osian after seeing Mehrangarh and Mandore gardens in Jodhpur. Osian (also spelled as Osiyan) is an ancient city of archaeological importance in Jodhpur district. Its ancient name was Ukesh which later became Osian. In Jain literatures, Osian’s name is mentioned as Upkesh, Ukesh, Oesh etc. Osian is a city of religious harmony, where Shaiva, Vaishnava, Shakta and Jain temples were built together. As a result of the generosity and tolerance of Shaivism and Vaishnavism, “Harihar” (The joint form Vishnu and Shiva) became popular. Shiva and Shakti concomitantly became “Ardhanarishwar” and Surya (Sun) and Vishnu became “Surya Narayan


Sachiya Mata Temple Osian

Osian is about 70 km from Jodhpur, where can be reached in one and a half hours by car. But the local bus took more than three hours to get us reach there. I was with my father and the slow journey had tired us badly. As soon as we arrived at Osian, I first found a hospice to rest. We checked into that hospice located near Sachiya Mata temple. We put the stuff in the room and lied down for relaxation.

Osian – Group of Temples

Many ancient temples and engraved stone sculptures of 8th to 12th century are situated at Osian. Among them, Scchiyay temple and Mahavir Jain temple are still in worship.

Osian has 20 Shaiva, Vaishnava and Jain temples along with 7 Dev Kulikas, Pratihara rulers contributed towards the construction of these temples. The Adhisthana, Jangha, Kantha, sukhansika, praveshdwar, shikhar and other parts of these temples are noteworthy and fascinating from architectural and sculptural point of view art.


Dharmshala which we stayed in

Sachiya Mata Temple Osian :-

It was the time of evening ‘Aarti’ at the temple. The sound of the bells of the temple was making environment sacred. We got up and went to the temple of Sachiya Mata to get ‘Darshan’ of the Goddess.


Sachiya Mata (also spelled as Sachchiyay) temple is the most famous and popular temple of Osian. The idol situated in the temple is ‘Mahishamardini’ Durga. The rock-cut built temple on the hill is very grand. Its conformation is very captivating. In the temple complex, there are small temples of Navdurga, Vishnu, Shiva, Surya, Ganesha, Bhairava and Puniyaji. This temple is a fine example of grand architecture.

Mahavir Jain Temple Osian Jodhpur :-

‘Mahamaru’ style of temple architecture was developed in Rajasthan from the eighth to the tenth century. This style has given hundreds of beautiful temples to Jain and Vaishnava tradition. Osian’s Jain temples are live proofs of the same style.

Lord Mahavir’s temple is also very famous in Osian. Along with these temples, Shiva, Vishnu, Surya, Brahma, Ardhnarishwar, Harihar, Dikpal, Navgrah, Shrikrishna, Pippalad temples are remarkable. The architecture of the temples, statues and excavated stone everything are sightoworthy.

Monuments of Osian :-

There are numerous ancient temples  and monuments on either side of the road to Jodhpur. Trivikramrupi Vishnu, Nrisingh and Harihar temples are remarkable in these temples. There are many statues of Krishna-Leela.

Beautiful temples and monuments  are scattered at every step in the Osian city. Most of these require the maintenance. The boards of the archaeological site have been planted here by Govt. of Rajasthan, but in the absence of proper supervision, these monuments and temples are becoming ruins gradually.

Stepwell of Osian :-

Here is also an ancient step-well turning into ruins due to neglect. Here I was as much glad to see the magnificence of the famous temples as sad because of the neglect of the other temples and monuments, which are fighting for survival in Clumps of thorny bushes.

Travel Tips :-

  • This area is quite hot in the  summers so visit here from october to february.
  • Dried herbs and spices are sold here in the market. Do not forget to buy 🙂
  • If you want to save time in the journey, take your own vehicle along.  Local buses waste a lot of time.



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